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Founded in 1997, Two Bears Pet Services, Inc. is owned and operated by husband and wife team John Hendershot and Diann Yandrich. Two Bears offers dog and puppy training as well as raw meat diets for dogs & cats.

At Two Bears Dog Training we believe that training should be highly effective while being enjoyable for both dog and handler.

We offer a wide range of training options from basic manners and obedience to off leash control. We work with all breeds and ages from young puppies to older dogs. While starting puppies is our specialty we address all behavior problems including aggression, fearfulness and general unruliness.

We are passionate about feeding pets a healthy diet. Our dogs and cats have thrived on a raw diet for over 20 years. We proudly sell TEFCO Performance Dog and Carnivore Meat raw meat diets. Available in fresh frozen and freeze dried these diets are the healthiest and most natural way to feed your canine and feline companions.


Our Philosophy

The Two Bears Dog Training mission is to provide training that will give the human member of the team a happy, obedient companion and the puppy or dog the focus, clarity and consistency of training they deserve. Teaching fundamental skills and foundation behaviors will set the stage for all training to follow whether your dog will be a companion pet or sport competitor.

We use a “marker” and reward based motivational training to teach your dog desirable behaviors and how to maintain these behaviors. Dogs taught in this manner are very clear about what is expected of them and behaviors learned are very reliable. That being said, the puppy/dog must also be taught to focus on the handler in order to maintain a behavior. Your trainer must be able to teach you how to get your dog to stay focused on you and the task at hand. Otherwise you create a dog who performs a behavior; sit, down, come, etc and as soon as she receives her reward gets up or moves away, no longer engaged with you once the reward has been given. As a result you fall into the pattern of telling your dog to sit, down, watch me, etc, delivering a treat and starting the cycle over again. This is a “trick” dog, not a “trained” dog. Therefore, we do not offer group training classes that say we will teach your dog 6 or more behaviors in 6 sessions. To do so results in a “trick” dog, not a “trained” dog.

At Two Bears Dog Training we teach you how to get and keep your dog’s attention, focus and connection. Once your dog understands that focus and connection with you is the best, most rewarding thing to do, teaching other behaviors such as sit, down, come, loose leash walking and having these behaviors be stable in the face of distractions can be taught to puppies and dogs of any age.

The Two Bears trainers are fluent with the use of all training tools: flat collars, prong (pinch) collars, head halters, electronic collars (e-collars), choke chains.  We start every puppy and dog on a flat collar and move to other equipment as needed. All of our personal dogs are e-collar literate. We can teach you how to properly use an electronic collar to get precise obedience and off leash control without sacrificing your dogs enthusiasm and willingness to work.

We have lived and trained in Boulder County for 40 years. Our clients come from the entire metro area including Boulder, Erie, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Brighton, Niwot, Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Thornton and surrounding areas.

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