The Two Bears

Tommy von Hahnleinwinkel
01/20/1995 - 05/07/2008


Named for our two German shepherd dogs,
Cheyenne (Big Bear) and Ursa (Little Bear).

Ursa von Hahnleinwinkel
07/29/1996 - 05/01/2008

The Two Bears Dog Training mission is to provide the best training to give the human member of the team a happy, obedient companion and the puppy or dog the focus, clarity and consistency of training they deserve. Teaching fundamental skills and foundation behaviors will set the stage for all training to follow whether your dog will be a companion pet or sport competitor. Using a mindful, reward based approach, we teach you how to train and live in harmony with your dog. We have been training dogs in Boulder County and the surrounding area for 21 years. Our training staff has over 40 years of combined dog training experience. We have trained many different breeds of dogs as pets and for competition in a variety of settings from private in home situations to group classes and animal shelters and can offer our clients a wide knowledge of different tools and techniques to train your puppy or dog.

Dog Training vs Tricks

Dog training, like all learning, is a process and not a product. Our mission at Two Bears Dog Training is to help you and your puppy/dog with that process by giving you both the skills and the tools to continue the process as far as you want to take it.

Having a trained dog takes time, commitment and consistency on the part of the human. There are no shortcuts, silver bullets or magic devices. If a trained dog is what you really want, and that does not mean a robot but a companion who clearly understands what you want of them, we are the best trainers to help you with this process.

Raw Meat Diets

All of our dogs and cats thrive on TEFCO Performance Dog, and Carnivore Meat, LLC  raw meat diets. Available in convenient frozen patties and rolls, just thaw and serve. Also available in freeze dried as a meal or as a treat. Ask us how to get your dog (or cat) started on a healthy raw meat diet.

Whether you are wanting a well mannered companion dog or a competition sport dog Two Bears Dog Training is your most complete choice for dog training.

Helping humans and their dogs learn since 1997.

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