Puppy & Dog Training

Puppy and Dog Training

For Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age (on first training session)

Foundation I: 5 private sessions $495. Sessions scheduled 7-14 days apart. First session is 90 minutes. Remaining sessions are 60 minutes. Puppies must be current on vaccinations for their age.

You will learn Communication, Management and Handling skills along with how to properly socialize your puppy. Behaviors taught include: place, park (come when called position), down and the beginning of loose leash walking.

Communication skills include proper use of a marker word, choice of words for specific behaviors, utilization of nonverbal communication, reward sequence and rate of reward.

Management skills include puppy proofing, containment: how, where, when and for how long, housebreaking, biting, jumping, chewing.

Handling skills include proper choice of training equipment, handling of the leash and your body for desired results.

Pig learning to focus and "touch" at 10 weeks of age.



Videos of each behavior are provided for you to review at home.

Sending videos of you working your puppy at home are encouraged for trainers to de-bug mistakes you may be making.





Foundation II: 4 private sessions $440.

Foundation II builds upon everything learned in Foundation I and adds more distractions, the sit and perfects loose leash walking.

Following Foundation II advanced training can be scheduled on a single session by session basis for $140/session or a package of 4 sessions for $440. Advanced training continues to work on sit, down, place, park and loose leash walking. Some sessions will be off site for added distractions.


For Dogs over 6 months we begin with a single session. This allows us to see where your dog is in training, assess any undesired behaviors and recommend a training program. Cost is $140. Session is 60-90 minutes.

The single session cost can be put towards a 4 sessions package of $440 if the client calls to schedule their next session within 72 hours.

CONTACT US to schedule your first appointment or for any questions.