Rio was a year old when we adopted him from the Longmont Humane Society. He had been mistreated by his former owners and developed some serious behavioral problems. Rio spent several weeks at the shelter and in a foster home in the hopes he could be rehabilitated and put up for adoption. Fortunately, he came far enough along to pass his evaluation and come home with us.

However, within a week or so some unpleasant behaviors resurfaced. He was leery of people, and lunged at skateboards and people in motion. He reacted negatively to rocking chairs, stationary bikes, even people shaking hands, and was very uncomfortable around children, including our 7-year-old granddaughter. We called John for help and began a series of training classes designed to correct these conditions.

We’ve had Rio eight months now. After the initial classes with John, participation in Two Bears weekly group sessions, and daily training on our part, Rio is a different dog. He has learned all the essential obedience commands, is a strong candidate for the Canine Good Citizen award, and has the potential to become a trained agility dog. If an unacceptable behavior surfaces, we now have the tools to help him.

The really gratifying outcome of the guidance we’ve received from John and Diann is that Rio and our granddaughter are now best buddies. He will obey her commands and even run and play with her, an outcome we thought was highly unlikely just a few short months ago. This picture of Rio and our granddaughter is testimony to the success we’ve had from the training at Two Bears.

Toni February 11, 2018