A puppy’s first 20 weeks is critical to their future training

A puppy’s first 20 weeks is critical to their future training!

Pig learning to focus and “touch” at 10 weeks of age.

A puppy’s first 20 weeks is critical to all future training. During those 20 weeks  the pup learns how to learn, what is safe or dangerous and how she gets the things she wants. These are all necessary survival skills.  Instilling a Foundation for learning how to get the “stuff’ she wants, is the most important skill she will have and sets her up to learn any number of behaviors quickly and easily as she matures. Obedience behaviors; sit, down, stay, leave it, heel, come etc, are all very complicated behaviors for a dog. A solid learning Foundation is necessary for these behaviors to become reliable and habitual. That Foundation must be established in the first 20 weeks of your puppy’s life.  While we get our puppy normally at age 8 to 10 weeks we must remember that the puppy has been learning since birth. Failure to recognize this critical learning time sets the dog and human up for conflict in training and living going forward.

At Two Bears Dog Training Training Services we specialize in teaching your puppy the Foundation skills she needs to make the next 10 or more years a pleasure for you both.